BlockAlpine – Algo Trading: How to get started?

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BlockAlpine – Algo Trading: How to get started?


BlockAlpine team has been working on Algo trading with a few private clients for the past two years. We are extending this service on an invite-only basis to 100 more new clients.

1) You need to have a verified account in one of our supported exchanges. If you already have then go to point.2. Otherwise, you should create an account & get the identity verification completed with 2-Factor authentication.

CRYPTOPIA is no longer supported

2) Fund your account with a base currency like Bitcoin or Ethereum. No minimum funding requirement. We recommend 10 ETH or 0.3 BTC.

3) Create API Keys for your account with Withdrawal disabled. This step is to ensure that nobody can withdraw the funds from your account. Store this securely for later communication with BlockAlpine team using a vault store.

4) Submit a subscription request with BlockAlpine for an Algo trading account here.

5) You will receive an e-mail invitation and will be requested to securely send the API keys to BlockAlpine team.

6) BlockAlpine will setup Algo Trading on your exchange account based on your short-term and long-term goals.

7) You will receive BlockAlpine subscription invoice in email with monthly auto-renewing subscriptions. Algo trade starts in your account after payment is received. You can cancel anytime you don’t want our service. The BlockAlpine team does hourly monitoring of the trade to ensure strategies are adjusted based on market conditions.

8) Monthly reports will be made available to know how the Algo trading performance is in your account.

We have developed these algorithms fine-tuned for each exchange and top100 coins over the past couple of years. We know what to be done and how to be done in a way that can create better yields in both bull & bear market conditions. Our Algorithms based on TA & Indicator strategies have been time tested to generate a monthly growth of 10% To 30% on crypto funds irrespective of market conditions.

Note: This is not an investment scheme, advice, or guarantee. We are extending a proven working model with our existing clients to new clients.

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