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Can You Write Off Crypto Scams?

It’s hard to write-off crypto scam & exchange hack losses on your taxes. But, even if you could, the actual tax benefit of those write-offs may not be significant. …

Regulatory Uncertainty Greatest Problem For Blockchain Entrepreneurs, Says Producer

The U.S. blockchain industry suffers from a regulatory environment that is both complex and uncertain, according to producer and entrepreneur J.D. Seraphine. The U.S. is in danger of falling behind, he claimed. Will the nation’s regulators provide a better playing field…

What The Struggles Of The Past Teach Us About Our Next Energy System

The original form of dispatchable energy was muscle power, often forced muscle power….

As The Bitcoin Price Soars, Bitcoin’s ‘Real’ Crypto Market Dominance Is Revealed

Some have suggested bitcoin’s dominance should only be measured against other cryptocurrencies that are “attempting to be money,” putting bitcoin’s “real” dominance at almost 80%, up from just over 60% by other measures……

Gold Crypto — It’s A Thing! New Stablecoin Checks All The 2020 Fear Boxes

As Bitcoin and gold hit all-time highs, Uphold’s unveils a revolutionary new product redefining “store of value” for a panicked age….

Overstock Q2 Earning’s Growth Was Fueled By Retail, But The CEO Says The Future Is In Blockchain today reported financial results for the second quarter, attributing $783 million….

Cryptodollars Are A Good Start, But The U.S. Needs A Blockchain Policy

To lead the pack and conversation around blockchain, the U. S. needs a consistent, enforceable, and understandable blockchain policy….

Former Hedge Fund Billionaire Makes The Case For $20,000 Bitcoin Price By The End Of 2020

Bitcoin has rocketed higher over the last few days, breaking months of inaction and sparking excitement among bitcoin investors……

Ethereum’s First ICO Blazes Trail To A World Without Bosses

The latest incarnation of decentralized gambling platform Augur represents a new way not only to bet on sports but to make accurate predictions about the future and run companies without bosses….

Bitcoin’s Rally Toward $12,000 Abruptly Stalls—And There’s A Catch

The price of Bitcoin has stalled under $11,000 after rallying to as high as $11,488. According to cryptocurrency trader and on-chain analyst Nik Yaremchuk, BTC faces strong resistance….