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Visa’s Crypto Strategy Is Driving Its Next Stage Of Growth

Visa’s head of cryptocurrency and his boss shed new light on the credit card giant’s strategy, and the surprising ways that it fits in well with their existing philosophy and innovation strategy….

Blockchain, DeFi, And A Closer Look At Yield Farming

Blockchain and DeFi applications are on the rise, and yield farming offers one way to make DeFi self-sustaining….

How Tokenized Bitcoin Promises The Future For DeFi

As the #DeFi craze continues, a new trend has emerged – tokenized Bitcoin. Think if this new asset as a digital representation of the Bitcoin you hold, such as a digital certificate to a stock of gold, that you can now…

This New Fed Policy Could Be A Game-Changer For Bitcoin

Chairman Powell’s Jackson Hole speech got lost in the thrum of the 24-hour news cycle. But it was a potentially historic turning point for bitcoin investors….

Banks’ AML ‘Efficiency’: The FinCEN Files Horror Story And What We Can Learn For Crypto

The FinCEN Files are a traditional finance horror story. What can those in the crypto world learn from the recent revelations to prevent us from falling into the same trap of lax compliance? …

The European Central Bank Is Being Pushed To Create More Inflation

The chief economist of the European Central Bank has warned about the dynamic of inflation being dampened by the appreciation of the Euro against the United States dollar….

China Eyes ‘New Battlefield’ In Looming Showdown Over U.S. Dollar Dominance

China’s central bank has said the country needs to break U.S. dollar dominance and internationalize yuan, with the rights to issue and control a digital currency set to become a “new battlefield” of competition between countries……

Is Bitcoin Poised To Bounce Back After Its Latest Selloff?

Bitcoin prices dropped today as the global asset markets suffered a widespread selloff. However, has the current environment of political uncertainty put bitcoin in a good position to recover? …

How Web 3.0 And Cryptocurrencies Transform The Economy

Using cryptocurrencies and self-hosted services like those in the Fediverse for routing communications and value can dramatically transform the economy as a whole — starting from the Internet itself, and extending into every part of the economy….

A European Perspective On Primacy In A Digital World

As the Euro is jostled by the Yuan/Renminbi and squeezed by the dollar, the lack of true world scale home-grown new economy enterprises has come to haunt the European psyche. How the digital Euro will level the “paying field”. Adoption of…