Watch your digital assets grow with our tools and strategy. Let the experts help you do Algo trading on major crypto exchanges.

No minimum amount. No commission. 

We are creative strategists!!!

We provide consultancy on three-way strategy to ensure that our client’s digital assets have a compounded growth.

Fundamental Analysis

Crypto-assets are evaluated based on the crypto-project’s progress, tech fundamentals, market scope and team strength.

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Sentimental Analysis

Leverage traders who parse sentiments via reddit, twitter, futures market etc, to find hot market opportunities.

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Technical Analysis

Prices of a crypto-assets vary, so we do the 100 odd Technical Indicators (like Moving Averages, RSI, MACD) which provide a hint on probable future price movement.

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Sieze Opportunity

High volatility leads to bigger gains if you ride the wave right.

Every decade has seen a new market open up for public trading, be it — commodities, stocks or crypto-assets. All these markets showed high volatility in their initial years as the markets were less regulated, trading volumes were low, and futures trading was still nascent. Algo trading is a great opportunity to trade in the high volatility with minimal risks.


We are a Super-Star Team

The rapid growth of digital assets within the last few years has created a demand for sophisitcated tools and technical analysis requirements that can be operated on any platform. With our combined 100+ years of experience in Finance and Software, our goal is to help our clients leverage these to grow their digital assets even when the market sentiments are negative.



High Yield Crypto with mix of short-term & long term return goals

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